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coaching course where coaches are learning to coach sailors on a quest

Coaching resources

Are you stuck for ideas? Need some help? Below are a variety of resources to assist coaches in a variety of topics:

If there is anything you think that is missing, or you would like to see, then please email the coach development manager.

Buddy coaches
coach developers



Buddy Coaches

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susannah coaching optis at peter blake

Assistant Coaches

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Upskilling Opportunities and Resources

drone view coach

Learn to Sail / Head / Master Coaches

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    rosie coaching

    Coach Developers

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    Social Media

    A lot of information is shared and posted in the Facebook group. Any articles, videos or vacant positions available will also appear on the page, so make sure you follow.  

    Yachting New Zealand Coaches Forum - the forum is for discussion and sharing of coaching resources

    Yachting New Zealand Coaches - the coaches' page is for situations vacant, coaching articles, upcoming events, and anything else relevant to coaches

    @YNZcoach - the Instagram account has updates on the latest courses and follows what YNZ is doing in the coaching space. Feel free to use this to message the Coach Development Manager with any coaching questions.

    @YNZcoaching - Tiktok

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    Session Plan Bank

    Head to this link to find an array of session plans that coaches have created over past LTS Coach Courses. There is likely to be repetitions, but there are also variations. 

    boom tag
    capture the boat parts
    capture the flag
    chase the buoy


    treasure hunt
    temple crush


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    YNZ Safety Requirements

    Here is a link to the YNZ safety requirements for our level 1 to 3 dinghy program, starting with Start... Sailing! and finishing at Go... Racing!

    Regional Sports Trusts - Coaching Workshops and Resources


    Most people these days have a smartphone, tablet, or computer handy. Therefore, learning through videos is becoming ever more popular, especially on those days you can't get on the water. Check out the below for ideas, tips and tricks

    Yachting New Zealand Coaching Resources playlist

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    Professional Development

    Not only should you be coaching and sharing knowledge to upskill the sailors you are coaching, but you should also be looking to upskill yourself as a coach as much as you can. This will ensure you can be the best coach you can be. Have a look below at the different courses and pathways available to you. 

    Coaching Pathways
    Get into Coaching Brochure
    Introduction to Judging
    Powerboat Level 2 Course 
    First Aid Course 
    Engine Maintenance 
    VHF Radio 


    Here are a few reviews on the different resources that are available to coaches.

    YNZ Learn to Sail Book course outline
    Yot Bot GPS Trackers 
    Tactics Book Review
    YNZ Sailing Games Book
    Wet Notes

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    As a sailing coach, it is a given that most of your sessions will be made up of different drills. Don't forget TGFU (Teaching Games for Understanding). Drills can be fun! Below is a list of drills to help you in planning your sessions. If you have a good drill, please let Kirsten know and she can add it to the list. 

    Teamwork/Clear Air Drill
    Golden Skills Posters
    Starting in the centre of the line
    Boat Handling round a mark
    Upwind Slalom
    Working a Side
    Upwind through the Gate
    Attack the Start from Either End
    Attack the Start from the Pin End
    Downwind Slalom Drill

    For more drill/game/activity ideas, head to

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    Rule 42 for Optimists
    Rules Poster
    Rules Quiz

    Situations Vacant

    Any situations vacant will be posted on the Yachting New Zealand Coaches Forum Facebook page. So be sure to join the group, and you won't miss a beat. We also post positions available to

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    Coaching - Planning and Tips

    At what age to teach them
    Coaches Lesson Plan
    Dynamic Stretches
    Regatta and Race Coach Planning template.
    Help - I'm Nervous Article
    How to Video a Sailing Briefing
    Inclusive Coaching 
    Mid-Winter Coaching Tips
    Psychological skills for 2 and 3 handed classes
    Wayne's Coaching Tips
    Wheel of Success


    Tactical Sailing Game
    Sailboat Racing Basics - Mark Johnson

    Class Specific Guides

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