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Empowering women and girls in sailing: Our commitment

In 2019, Yachting New Zealand launched the Women and Girls in Sailing strategy with the primary objective to cultivate and grow a vibrant and cohesive female sailing community.

We recognise the potential in fostering leadership, harnessing data-driven insights, and enhancing participation and engagement. Our commitment extends to promoting value and visibility and providing role models that inspire women to seize opportunities in our sport.

Leadership development: We are working to increase the number of female leaders in every facet of yachting, from race officials to club leaders. 

Participation and engagement: We actively support events designed to encourage female participation, and offer guidance to aspiring sailors and coaches as they transition and progress on their sailing journey.

Promoting value and visibility: Our goal is to ensure that women and girls see themselves in sailing. We are committed to promoting, celebrating, and showcasing female role models and successful individuals within the sport. We aim to highlight the opportunities and pathways available to women in all areas of sailing.

Prominent initiatives

Promoting and celebrating women and girls sailing regattas and events. 

PredictWind Girls Championship Regatta

One of our notable endeavours in support of women and girls in sailing is our long-standing association with the PredictWind Girls Championship Regatta, held at the Kohimarama Yacht Club for over 30 years. This event has been instrumental in creating increased opportunities for female sailors, both on and off the water. In collaboration with Sport New Zealand and their It's My Move initiative, this video showcases how providers of physical activities can create positive environments for young women.


We understand the importance of inspiration and connection and this year had the incredible opportunity to engage with world-class yachtswomen at the ITM New Zealand Sail Grand Prix in Christchurch. This event allowed us to connect local female sailors and fans with international sailing icons, breaking boundaries and creating lasting memories. Explore the exciting highlights from the Breaking Boundaries event at the 2023 ITM New Zealand Sail Grand Prix.

SheSails New Zealand

Yachting New Zealand's partnership with Australian Sailing and their SheSails brand is an incredible opportunity for all Kiwi sailors and will allow us to work together to uplift and empower women and girls in the sport.

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For more information about Yachting New Zealand's Women and Girls in Sailing strategy, please click here or contact:

Raynor Haagh
Jenny Armstrong
Kelly Mulcahy
Kirsten Moratz

  • Yachting New Zealand have put together a number of resources for clubs and organisations to use to support the attraction and retention of females in sailing.

  • It is all about getting on the water and having fun!

  • Understanding that greater diversity will enhance our sport, Yachting New Zealand have developed a wide-ranging women and girls in sailing strategy to attract more female participants, retain those already sailing and advance equal opportunities.

  • The Women in Sailing NZ network's aim is to support the growth of a confident and connected female sailing community.