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Yachting New Zealand

Our team

See who works at Yachting New Zealand, as well as who is on the board and on each committee.


Management and administration

Position Name Contact Details
CEO  David Abercrombie
(09) 361 4024

National Sport Development Director Raynor Haagh
(09) 361 4021
Finance Manager David Smith
(09) 361 4026
Communications Manager Eduan Roos
(09) 361 4025
027 562 5036
Partnership & Events Coordinator Angela Jordan
(09) 361 4020

Office and sailing Administrator

Mel Hurst
(09) 361 1471

Participation and development

Position Name Email
Programmes and services coordinator Colin Rickett
(09) 361 4028

RŪNĀ Kaiwhakahaere Education Lead  Alisa Torgersen 
(09) 361 1471

Coach development manager Kirsten Moratz 
(09) 361 1472

Safety and technical officer Cris Brodie

021 405 426
CIOR administrator Mel Hurst
(09) 280 3985

NZCT regional development manager
(Northern Region - North)
Hayden Whitburn
027 210 2383

NZCT regional development manager
(Northern Region - South)
Kelly Mulcahy
021 202 2306
NZCT regional development manager 
(Central Region)
Wayne Holdt
027 285 3796
NZCT regional development manager
(Southern Region)
Ian Gardiner
021 0293 9182

Olympic, high performance and talent development

Position Name Email
High performance director Ian Stewart
(09) 361 4800
Talent development manager Geoff Woolley
(09) 361 4029
High performance programme manager Hayley Dorward
(09) 361 4023
Youth and Events Manager Sam Mackay
(09) 361 4022
Performance & technical analyst    
Women's sailing manager
Laser Radial Program Manager
Jenny Armstrong
Olympic coach Nathan Handley
Olympic coach Mark Howard


The board are responsible for the governance of Yachting New Zealand, including the development of policy and strategy. The board are guided by Yachting New Zealand’s constitution, which can be viewed on the Yachting New Zealand documents webpage. 

Objectives of the board: The board members are volunteer trustees representing the interests of Yachting New Zealand’s stakeholders and are entrusted to ensure Yachting New Zealand is soundly managed.

The role of the board is one of governance rather than management. Governance focuses on Yachting New Zealand’s wider issues of organisational purpose, including the setting and monitoring of strategic direction and the establishment and monitoring of board-level policies. You can find more information about the individual Board members here.

  • Greg Knowles (chair)
  • Murray Brown (vice-chair)
  • Sarah Bacon
  • Nik Burfoot
  • John Butcher
  • Jenna Hansen
  • Nicola Harrison
  • Arabella Vennell
  • Bridget Winstone-Kight


Olympic and High Performance committee

  • John Clinton (chair)
  • Jenny Armstrong
  • Andy Maloney
  • Ashton Welsh
  • Grant Beck
  • Leslie Egnot
  • Dave Mackay

Race officials committee

  • John Parrish (chair)
  • Ian Clouston 
  • Aaron Duncan
  • John Grace
  • Russell Green 
  • Megan Kensington
  • John Rountree
  • Jamie Sutherland

Committee for sailors with a disability

  • Dave Allerton (chair)
  • John Andrews
  • Tim Dempsey
  • Helena Horswell
  • Andrew May
  • Chris Sharp

Cruising, inshore and offshore racing committee

  • Peter Henderson
  • Logan Fraser
  • Simon Hull
  • Simon Manning
  • Viki Moore
  • Mark Mulcare
  • Bob Still
  • Rob Shaw

Audit and Risk Committee

  • Nik Burfoot (chair)
  • Murray Brown
  • John Butcher 
  • Jenna Hansen
  • Greg Knowles

Governance and Remuneration Committee

  • Greg Knowles (chair)
  • John Butcher
  • Arabella Vennell
  • Bridget Winstone-Kight

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