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Yachting New Zealand Youth Scholarship
St John's Rotary Scholarship
Prime Minister's Scholarships

Yachting New Zealand Youth Scholarship

Yachting New Zealand have created a new scholarship for New Zealand's top youth sailors who are targeting medals at world championship events.

The goals of the scholarship 

To assist current and possible future youth team members to attend a youth class world championships or similar as part of their preparation towards future success.
To help provide sailors with the opportunity to gain experience from travelling and competing outside New Zealand.
To help sailors be the best prepared they can be to win medals at youth class world championships and Youth Sailing World Championships.

Scholarship award

For 2019 a maximum of two scholarships will be awarded to two individuals or teams.
Recipients of the Yachting New Zealand Youth Scholarships will be awarded up to $2500 to help subsidise the cost of attending a youth class world championships or similar.
The championship to be attended must be agreed to by Yachting New Zealand’s selection panel.
The scholarship will be managed by Yachting New Zealand and is intended to be used to help cover the cost of flights, boat charter or accommodation. Recipients of the scholarship will be required to work with Yachting New Zealand’s youth co-ordinator to arrange the most suitable manner in which to attribute the award.

The selection process

A panel will meet once a year to consider applications, using the following guidelines as the basis for their selection:

  • Eligible for selection into the NZL Sailing Foundation Youth Team to represent New Zealand at the Youth Sailing World Championships.
  • Be under the age of 19 on December 31, 2019 (born after December 31, 2000)
  • Current NZL Sailing Foundation Youth Team members are eligible for selection.
  • Potential to perform with distinction at key international events in the future.
  • Attitude and behaviour at clinics and regattas will be taken into consideration.
  • The decision will be at the final discretion of the panel.

Application process

Sailors will be required to complete and return the application before 25th March 2019.

Click here to download the eligibility and selection process document.

Click here to complete the online application form. 

Recipient obligations

Recipients must submit an investment report to Yachting New Zealand within four weeks of the designated championship. 


2019: Seb Menzies & Blake McGlashan (boy's 420); and Helena Sanderson & Jack Honey (Nacra 15)

St John's Rotary Scholarship

Historically, the St John’s Rotary Trust supported one New Zealand youth sailor to attend CORK (Canadian Olympic Regatta, Kingston) each year. 

Since 2014 the scholarship has supported two young, talented New Zealand sailors to attend their youth class world championship regattas. The $1000 scholarship subsidises the cost of attending the international event, making it more affordable for the recipients to compete.  

The scholarship is aimed towards young sailors who have a possibility of making the NZL Sailing Foundation Youth Team in the following years, allowing them to gain experience at an international level.

Since 1996, many New Zealand sailors have benefited from the exposure of intensive international competition provided by the St John's Rotary Scholarship.. 

Past Recipients...
2019: Mason Mulcahy and Andre van Dam (boy's 420)
2018: Lloyd Perratt (RSX) and Albert Stanley (Laser Radial)
2017: Sebastian Lardies and Scott McKenzie (29er)
2016: Francesco Kayrouz and Oscar Gunn (29er)
2015: Finn Croft (RS:X) and George Gautrey (Laser Radial)
2014: Kate Stewart (420) and Taylor Balogh (420)
2011: Andrew McKenzie (Laser Radial)
2010: Nic Croft (Laser Radial)
2009: George Lane (Laser Radial)
2008: Jason Saunders (Laser)
2007: Matt Steven (Laser)
2006: Josh Junior (Laser)
2005: Matt Coutts (Laser)
2004: Aaron Hume-Merry (Laser) 
2003: Jane Macky (Laser Radial) 
2002: Jo Aleh (Laser Radial) 
2001: New Zealand Youth Team (Laser, Radial, 420, Mistral, Hobie) 
2000: Chris Kitchen (Laser) 
1999: James Wells (Board) 
1998: Alistair Gair (Laser) 
1997: Elliot Cree (Board) 
1996: Jayson Herbert (Laser)

Eligibility and selection

Applications will be accepted until 25th March 2019.
Click here to download the eligibility and selection guidelines process.

Click here to complete the online application form. 

PM Scholarships 2021: YNZ endorsement guidelines

Prime Minister’s (PM) Scholarships assist athletes who seek to do well on the international stage in Olympic class competition and also gain a tertiary level education.

PM Scholarships are managed and allocated by High Performance Sport New Zealand. Yachting New Zealand (YNZ) will be required to endorse and rank applications. Ranking will be based on international performances, and the ability of the applicants to impact on YNZ’s and High Performance Sport New Zealand’s Olympic goals. PM Scholarships are limited, and not all applicants are likely to be awarded scholarships.

PM Scholarship instructions

You will need to submit your final application online for PM Scholarships at the same timing as outlined by HPSNZ (5pm, 30 Nov. 2020)

If you are applying for a PM Scholarship this year please carefully follow the instructions below;

  1. Read the HPSNZ Application Memo and follow the process outlined
  2. Read the PM Scholarship information on the HPSNZ website thoroughly to understand the programme and eligibility.
  3. You need to make sure Yachting New Zealand has a copy of your plan in detail through to 2021 using the planning template (online or the excel version). Send the plan to Yachting New Zealand HP Programme Manager (HPPM). If you need to discuss your plan, contact your coach, the YNZ talent development manager (TDM) or high performance director (HPD).
  4. Arrange a time with your athlete life advisor (Vicki Hudson) to look into managing study plans etc.
  5. See the timeline summary below from HPSNZ
  6. Yachting New Zealand will endorse and rank applications based on the submitted plans and performances to date.

Download the athlete study plan template here

For further information, visit the High Performance Sport New Zealand website at 


Date Action
Oct 19 Applications open on HPSNZ website
Nov 30, 5pm Applications close
Dec 1-4 Finalise, clean up and query any pending applications
Dec 7-10 HPSNZ to liaise re endorsements and priority with YNZ, final raking due by 5pm on the 10th
Dec 11, 5pm Cut off for YNZ endorsement and ranking
Dec 14-18 Draft decisions
Dec 21 Yachting New Zealand HPPM, TDM, HPD confirm decisions
Dec 23, 5pm HPSNZ to communicate decisions