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Yachting New Zealand shop

Welcome to the Yachting New Zealand shop

Yachting New Zealand’s learn-to-sail resources are available to purchase from the online shop, but only for authorised club purchasers. To become an authorised club purchaser apply here.

  • AON National Youth Clinics 2022-23

    Please add this item to you cart to make credit card payment for the 2022-23 season of Aon National Youth Clinics.

    Please add the sailor/s name to the comment field for administration purposes.

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  • AON New to Youth Classes Clinics

    New to Youth Classes Clinics are designed for sailors who have moved into a youth class within the previous six months and are not already attending the Aon National Youth Clinics.

    Clinic aims

  • Aon Youth Programme National Camp

  • Image showing included items in kit

    Coach kit - Magnetic boats

    Do you or your club need some magnetic boats to use on your whiteboards. These are great for going over rules situations, explaining tactics, and showing points of sail, sail positioning and a whole lot more. 

  • Coaching 101 - EMBARK

    This is the product for the Coaching 101 pathway on EMBARK. 

    Currently there are 4 modules on the Coaching 101 pathway, including the introduction module to EMBARK. 

  • Embark - Start...Officiating!

    This is the Embark Start...Officating! online learning pathway. 

    This is a product for non affiliated club members within New Zealand, and overseas. 

  • Offshore Personal Safety Guide

    Guide to Offshore Personal Safety for Racing and Cruising

    ​​​​​​The Guide to Offshore Personal Safety for Racing and Cruising will provide essential reading for sailors undertaking offshore and coastal voyages.

  • Introduction to Sailing Level 1

    Introduction to Sailing, Level 1

    This course is an introduction to Sailing.  It is an entry level resource originally designed to assist with teaching people to sail on keelboat yachts, however, it can also be used to help teach people to sail on trailer yachts or multi crewed dinghy y

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  • Oceanbridge NZL Sailing Regatta

    The 2023 Oceanbridge NZL Sailing Regatta 24th-26th February at Torbay Boating Club.

    Please complete the online entry here before payment is made.

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  • Tera Pump TREP01-T

    Tera Fuel Pump TREP01-T

    Product features

    Delivery Volume: 9 Litres per Minute (2.4 Gallons per Minute)

    Telescopic Suction tube for fuel  cans up to 60 litre.

    Built in Flow Control Handle for easy refuelling

  • Wet notes book

    Wet Notes Book

    A must have for any coach from Learn to Sail through to Olympic level, these blank Yachting New Zealand Wet Notes books are 150mm wide x 210mm length - big enough to take notes even in the hardest of coaching conditions.

  • Cover of book

    Yachting New Zealand sailing games book

    Whether training to win or just sailing with your friends, games are a great way to add variety to your sessions.

  • Racing Rules of Sailing Book 2021-2024 cover page

    YNZ Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024

    The Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024 contains the yacht racing rules (including rule changes and new rules introduced by World Sailing), selected appendices from the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing and the YNZ prescriptions to the Racing Rules of

  • Safety Regulations of Sailing 2021-2024 cover page

    YNZ Safety Regulations of Sailing 2021-2024

    Authored and administered by Yachting New Zealand these regulations are designed to provide a safe but achievable standard of design and equipment appropriate for the conditions boats can expect to encounter.