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Club purchaser

Become an Authorised Club Purchaser

Yachting New Zealand’s learn-to-sail resources are available to purchase from the online shop – but only to authorised club purchasers. As an authorised club purchaser you can purchase immediately using a credit card, or you can request to be invoiced for your order.

To become the authorised club purchaser for your club, you need to have an existing user account on our website (click the person symbol above) AND apply to Yachting New Zealand to become the official purchaser by completing the form below.

Once approved you can simply log into the website in order to access the extra products and special pricing.

Yachting New Zealand will allow for up to two authorised club purchasers per affiliated member yacht club, so we suggest you discuss this at the club to determine who is/are the most appropriate individual to apply for this role.

Find our terms of use here. By using the Yachting New Zealand website, you accept these terms of use and are bound by them.