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Boat Registration

Boat registration

Registration with Yachting New Zealand is a once-only for boat owners. If ownership of a boat changes, the onus is on the new owner to re-register the vessel in their name.

How do I register my boat?

Before you can register your boat, you need to create a user login. If you already have a login, please login to the website.

Change of ownership or new boat registration?

  1. Change of ownership
    Use this to change the ownership details of a boat that is already registered with Yachting New Zealand.
  2. New boat registration
    Use this to register a boat that has not been previously registered with Yachting New Zealand; the boat will be issued with a sail number

 Online boat registration and change of ownership form 


Have you sold your boat?

If you have sold your boat and wish to have your name removed as the registered owner, please send the details to the boat registrar at Yachting New Zealand.

Please tell us boat name, sail number, your name and the new owners name and email address (if you know it).

Change of boat name?

If you want to change the name of an already registered boat that you own, please send the details to the boat registrar at Yachting New Zealand.

Why register your boat with Yachting New Zealand?

Racing: In order to be eligible for racing, boats must hold a current certificate of registration ensuring compliance with RRS 76.1.

Emergencies: Registration is strongly encouraged for recreational and racing boats for safety and security reasons, enabling rapid tracing of a boat in the event of theft, mishap or more serious maritime emergencies. An alarming number of registered boats do not have current owner details, leaving Yachting New Zealand and rescue authorities helpless in the event of an emergency. We request all boat owners keep Yachting New Zealand informed of any changes.

How long does it take to process an application?

Boat registration and change of ownership applications can take up to 15 working days to be processed.

Sail numbers and registration fees (GST inclusive)

You pay once - the fee is not an annual fee

  • Change of ownership / change of boat name - $75.00
    For both if completed at the same time, otherwise $75.00 each. 

  • New boat or previously unregistered - $120.00 
    Previously unregistered vessels will be issued with a standard sail number which is the next consecutive registration number.

  • Personalised number - $400.00
    Owners may choose a personalised sail number, subject to availability.  For details on available numbers please phone Yachting New Zealand 09 361 1471 or email the Boat Registrar.

  • Trailer yachts 
    A sail number for trailer yachts cannot be granted until rule 4.4 of the trailer yacht safety regulations has been complied with. Complete the online boat registration form and a sail number will be issued subject to NZTYA approval.

Choosing a boat name

The Yachting New Zealand register of vessels lists alphabetically the names of all registered boats. Duplicate or phonetically similar names cannot be registered for safety reasons. If the name you choose has already been taken, it is possible to add I, II, III to distinguish between boats.  

View the list of boats that are already registered or contact Yachting New Zealand.

The Yachting New Zealand Register of Vessels

The register of vessels held at Yachting New Zealand is a complete list of nationally-registered boats. The online register contains information on ownership of all Yachting New Zealand-registered keelboats, multihulls and trailer yachts including:

  • Sail number

  • Boat name

  • Owner name

Heading offshore - Ship registration (Maritime New Zealand)

If a vessel is New Zealand-owned and is planning on going overseas, it must be registered.

Ship registration provides nationality. A registered ship that travels overseas has the protection of the New Zealand government. The registration papers provide proof of identity.

To determine whether you need to register your ship and, if so, the type of registration you need to apply for, see the Maritime New Zealand website.