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Useful information for boaties who go cruising locally or offshore as well as for those who just enjoy heading out on the water. 

Trailer Yacht Cruising Tips

Trailer yachts are a great option for many people for many reasons. They can provide an excellent introduction to sailing and cruising as the yachts are easier to handle, affordable and widely transportable. 

Check out our regional development manager and longtime trailer yacht cruiser Wayne Holdt's tips for trailer yacht cruising. 


It is vital that people have the skills and experience to be safe and enjoy their intended journey, whether to a nearby island or the Pacific Islands. 

Below is a link to some providers of training and education.

Yachting New Zealand

2021 - 2024 Yachting New Zealand Safety regulations 

  • Category 4 or 5 - safety equipment guidance for those participating in short course racing or cruising in sheltered or warm waters. 
  • Category 3 safety equipment guidance for sailing or racing in open water, most of which is relatively protected and close to shorelines. 
  • Category 2 - safety equipment guidance for an extended sailing duration not far removed from shorelines or in large unprotected bays or lakes where a high degree of self-sufficiency is required, but with reasonable probability outside assistance can be called upon for aid in emergencies.
  • Category 1 - safety equipment guidance for passages of long distances and well offshore, where boats must be self-sufficient for extended periods of time, capable of withstanding storms and prepared to meet serious emergencies without the expectation of outside assistance. 

Coastguard Boating Education

Island Cruising Association

Maritime New Zealand radio operator handbook

Safety inspections (racing and cruising)

Yachting New Zealand carry out inspections and issues category 1 certificates for New Zealand-registered vessels leaving New Zealand.

Yacht inspectors are also a valuable source of advice and support for people preparing their vessels for cruising.

For more information on finding an inspector or about the inspection process, go here.

Marine Services

To find a marine goods and services providers, see the NZ marine directory:

Recommended publications

There are many cruising publications available. Here are a few we recommend and most can be found online or in book stores.

Weather information

Other useful links


A useful resource, including a list of many of the marinas in New Zealand and their facilities.

Maritime New Zealand

Yachting New Zealand Safety Regulations

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