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Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Yachting New Zealand Environmental Strategy

Yachties and boaties have a natural affinity with the environment and it’s why Yachting New Zealand have an environmental strategy we hope will prompt real change within the sport.

“We recognise we all need to make changes to help protect and enhance the marine and coastal environment for the enjoyment of all,” Yachting New Zealand chief executive David Abercrombie said. “We are in a good position to influence our network of clubs and other stakeholders and help bring about positive change.

We have targeted five key areas in their strategy: clean yacht clubs, a strong network of organisations who work together, lowering the impact events have on the environment, a focus on technology and greater education and awareness.


Clubs that actively strive to lower their impact on the environment and are champions for environmental sustainability.

  • Yachting New Zealand Clean Club programme - launched in December 2021
  • Rūnā Yachting New Zealand Schools programme - Moanamana module
  • Annual club engagement - nationwide beach clean
  • Club network support and information sharing

Better together

A strong network of organisations that complement each other's work towards environmental sustainability.

  • Strategic partnerships in environmental sustainability sector
  • Develop network and build a more influential voice on environmental issues
  • Encourage manufacturers to use sustainable practices
  • Equipment recycling is encouraged - across clubs and classes


Boaties and clubs who are well informed and have access to support and resources to help reduce their impact. 

  • Recruit and use ambassadors to build environmental awareness
  • Offer leadership and education opportunities to young New Zealanders
  • Rūnā Yachting New Zealand Schools programme - Moanamana module
  • Use online learning (EMBARK) to educate and empower people
  • Include content on environmental sustainability in Yachting New Zealand courses
  • Regular communication about environmental sustainable best practices on YNZ channels

Lower Impact Events

Reducing the impact of events on the environment. 

  • Yachting New Zealand regattas are run to at least a Sailors for the Sea Gold standard Clean Regatta
  • Encourage clubs and class associations to run clean regattas using the Sailors for the Sea standards
  • Ensure events make more efficient use of coach boats
  • Improve our understanding of running carbon neutral events

Embrace Technology

Technological advancements are embraced by the sailing and boating community and used to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Promote the use of renewable energy sources for sailing and boating and that help clubs operate
  • Investigate enhancements and promote the use of environmentally friendly coatings that inhibit the growth and spread of marine pests
    • Support clubs with Slipways and hardstands to follow best practice advice from sector 
  • Yachting New Zealand and BLAKE have teamed up again and are inviting applicants for the 2023 BLAKE Inspire for Sailors programme - a five-day environmental leadership development adventure designed for emerging Kiwi sailors.

  • It's a great idea for clubs and their members to consider how they can engage in some more environmentally sustainable practices and there are a number of ways to approach this.