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Info for sailors

Information for sailors

New Zealand has a long history of sailing excellence. Winning an Olympic medal is a life-changing experience and to win one you will need to be ruthless in its pursuit.

High performance programme

The high performance programme is focused on winning medals at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The current Yachting New Zealand high performance athlete development model is aligned with research on athlete performance and progression within Olympic yachting. This alignment enables Yachting New Zealand to provide more targeted support to both athletes and coaches in their quest for an Olympic medal based on their fit with the evidence-based progression model.

The model is based on the athlete’s ability to deliver a medal at the Olympic Games.

Athlete performance levels represent the minimum requirement for squad eligibility, however they do not guarantee selection.

Coaching, training, competition and support services are allocated based on an athlete’s level.

The length of time a sailor remains at each level will be continually reviewed. Sailors are expected to be continuously improving and re-qualify for a level on a yearly basis.

All campaigns will be assessed on an individual basis. This tiered structure aligns with the Olympic programme athlete development pathway and it will guide decision making. Yachting New Zealand reserves the right to make inclusion and exclusion decisions outside these guidelines.

NZL Sailing Programme Support Levels 2024

Yearly Olympic regatta calendar

NZL Sailing Policies



👉Check out the new Yachting New Zealand programme for girls in the Starling class - Starling Girls Accelerator Squad

Shipping and logistics

The Yachting New Zealand containers to overseas events are usually at capacity but you are welcome to get in touch with any enquiries.
Oceanbridge Shipping provide support to the NZL Sailing Team and Yachting New Zealand for all shipping by sea, air and land.  Make a shipping enquiry.


Aon New Zealand have developed a package of insurance policies specifically for sailors, whether it is locally or travelling overseas. You can find more information here 

Travelling overseas

Check out www.safetravel.govt.nzz for all the latest government travel advice, tips and news. You can also register your travel plans on the website in case of an emergency while overseas.

The following rules and tips for international travel have been prepared for Yachting New Zealand by Orbit World Travel

Your Orbit World Travel Consultants and Account Manager

International Consultant                     Shorthaul Consultant
Gretchen Strid                                        Jay O'Reilly
DDI:  +64 9 355 7537                            DDI: +64 9 355 7582


Account Manager
Debbie Kelly
DDI:  +64 9 355 7519
Mobile:  021 990 947

Correct Names and Passport Details

Orbit World Travel requires you to provide us with a copy of the front page of your passport, showing your correct name, date of birth, country of origin and passport number as these details must be entered in your booking.  We will not proceed with ticketing unless the booking matches the name on the passport.  Most airlines will not allow name changes once the booking is completed and, if the correct details have not been entered, you could be denied boarding at check-in.

Visas and Passport Service

Orbit World Travel can help you with advice on renewing your passport and process any visas you may require.

  • Remember that some countries require your passport to be valid for at least 6 Months after your expected date of travel
  • Allow enough time in your trip planning to obtain visas required which can, in some cases, take time to be processed

Orbit World Travel will keep your profile on file with all your details to help speed up the travel booking process. We want your travel experience to be seamless.


Please contact Gretchen at Orbit World Travel to discuss your excess baggage requirements.

Frequent Flyer Details

Please advise Orbit of your frequent flyer details and ensure the details are identical to the information on your frequent flyer card (s).  It’s very important you retain your boarding passes and original ticket or electronic ticket confirmation, as this proof of travel will be required by airlines should any flights not automatically appear on your statement.

Not all fare types qualify for frequent flyer points or redemption of points.  Please contact Orbit World Travel if you need any clarifications.


Seat numbers shown on your itinerary have been requested, however, the airline reserves the right to change them if necessary.

Contact Details

Your safety while travelling is our priority.  It is important we have an after-hours phone number/mobile number for you in case we need to contact you due to flights cancellations, unexpected schedule changes or emergencies.  

Please provide details prior to travel.

Orbit World Travel Emergency After-Hours Service

Our normal business hours are 7.30am-6pm, Monday to Friday.  Outside of these hours Orbit provides a 24 Hours, Seven Day Service.

When calling either locally or overseas, be assured that you are dealing with someone who knows and understands your travel history and has access to your bookings and profile details.

Simply call our normal office phone line from anywhere in the world, follow the prompts and you will come through to our Orbit World Travel After-Hours Consultant.

Phone +64 9 355-7500
Personal Travel

Please feel free to contact House of Travel Parnell, details listed below:

Monica Sawant
Retail Manager
Phone:  +64 9 355 9130

Fare Quotes

Yachting New Zealand have a preferred supplier relationship with Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines.  In line with this, Orbit World Travel will endeavour to give options and quote the best possible fare.  The lower fares normally have strict conditions attached, particularly pertaining to advance purchase, changes and cancellation post ticketing and usually must be ticketed immediately.  Quotes are subject to change at any time due to changes, such as supplier increase, taxes or currency fluctuations until a booking is confirmed.

Please contact us Orbit World Travel with any questions or enquires you may have.  

We are here to help