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Aon boat insurance

Aon club insurance

Aon New Zealand have developed a package of insurance policies specifically for sailing and boating clubs.

These policies have been developed specifically for your club following a working session among Aon brokers with experience in insuring associations, sports clubs, yacht clubs and boaties around New Zealand. Valuable insight was provided from the 2013 Yachting New Zealand insurance survey responses received, with more than 40 clubs responding on their coverage, concerns and requirements.
The package includes cover for club assets such as buildings, boats and equipment, on land, on the water and on the road. In addition, there is cover to protect the revenue of the club and many of the liabilities that can arise out of your activities in an ever increasing litigious and regulated environment.
Get in touch with the Aon Marine contacts based in Auckland, who will coordinate the introduction of the local Aon broker and work with them to secure your club an affordable and comprehensive insurance package.

Chloe Cheval 
(09) 362 9048 or 027 257 9361  

Darren Pattle 
Marine manager
(09) 362 9071 or 021 750 641  

Campbell Welson
Account director
(09) 362 9097
Email Campbell

*This initiative is to create a benefit to those clubs affiliated with Yachting New Zealand through added value and reduced cost. Yachting New Zealand does not receive any commission or payment from the offering.

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