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YNZ Club Risk Management Self Check

Below is some guidance and a few questions to see if your risk management planning measures up.

What a risk management plan does:

 Helps protect the safety of all people involved, sailors, club members, volunteers and the public.

 Helps identify the areas of significant risk.

 Helps to run more efficient programmes and events Risk Management Checklist

 Do you have a risk management plan, is it documented?

 Are people involved in the club aware of the risk management plan?

 Does everyone involved know who the Safety Officer is on each day?

 Is the Safety Officer clearly aware of their role and responsibilities?

 Have your club rescue boat operators received proper training? Has their training been documented?

 Does the equipment on your rescue boats meet the Yachting New Zealand guidelines?

 Has the club considered what it can do to protect the general public?

 Does the club regularly and frequently document new hazards and risks?

Club Manual section: