MOSS Exemption

Does your club pay anyone to operate a boat?

If so, strictly speaking, Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) require the boat to be ‘in survey’ under a Maritime Operators Safety System (MOSS) and the crew to be commercially qualified. However, Yachting New Zealand has negotiated with MNZ for affiliated clubs to apply for a MOSS exemption through this approved scheme.

Yachting New Zealand affiliated clubs have been operating under an historic dispensation that has now been formalised through the exemption process. In order to comply with the Maritime Transport Act 1994 clubs that pay anyone to operate a boat must apply for an exemption.

The process for gaining an exemption is:

  • Be compliant with the Yachting New Zealand Rescue Boat Safety System 
  • Undertake an audit by Yachting New Zealand inspectors
  • Complete the Maritime New Zealand application form
  • Submit the application form and supporting documentation to MNZ

The exemption is valid for 5 years with an annual audit requirement to Yachting New Zealand to keep your club exemption valid.

For details of the Yachting New Zealand Rescue Boat Safety System see the online Club Manual (Section 6.6)

For more more information about the exemption, the process or to arrange an inspection please contact Angus Willison on angus@yachtingnz.org.nz or your local Yachting New Zealand Regional Support Officer