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Yachts racing in ocean with large wake

Safety Inspections

Yachting New Zealand carry out inspections and issues category 3, 2 and 1 certificates for racing yachts. 

Arranging an inspection

Yachting New Zealand have a nationwide network of yacht inspectors who are always available for advice and assistance with all aspects of your yacht's safety. 

To arrange an inspection, please contact an inspector in your region.

Safety inspectors

Yacht inspectors use a checklist when completing an on-board inspection and this is now available, for owners to refer to, for information purposes only. Click here to download a copy.

For a category 1 and 2 inspection, this is a two-stage process, both an out-of-water and in-water inspection. Category 3 is generally in-water, however, in some circumstances a yacht may be required to have an out-of-water inspection.

Click here to download a spreadsheet of all current inspectors, their areas of operation and contact details.

For more information, contact Yachting New Zealand.

Inspection costs

This is currently being updated (1 July, 2024).