Volvo Sailing... Have a Go!

Volvo Sailing...Have a Go! is a Yachting NZ programme offered to schools throughout the country, designed to give students in Years 4 through 8 the opportunity to experience the thrills and spills of sailing in a safe & well managed environment and most importantly, have fun! Yachting New Zealand would like to encourage participants’ continued involvement in the sport by introducing them to their local club where they may be able to participate in an ongoing nature. 

See the photos from the 2015/2016 Sailing...Have a go! Season


How it works

Yachting New Zealand have provided a variety of programme structures that will fit in with schools. Programmes consist of a variety of activities and games which focus on three parts of the school curriculum:

  • Physical and Personal Development

  • Science and the Environment

  • Technology

A fully qualified YNZ sailing coach and an assistant will deliver the programme to 12 students at any one time. Yachting New Zealand recognises the need to provide flexible programmes and have developed a choice of programmes:

Option 1: Half Day ’challenge’ - 2 half day sessions for 12 students a session.
Option 2: Full day ’challenge’ - A full day’s programme for 12 students (the most popular option with schools)

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Weta Trimaran

The Weta Trimaran has proved to be very versatile and safe in a variety of conditions.  It is fantastic for children who initially are nervous about sailing, build ing their confidence by going out with an Instructor and other children. It really does add another fun factor and was highly utilized during the trial.

Another important aspect of the Weta is it’s suitability for children (or adults) with a physical disability, and it’s inclusion now allows the Volvo Sailing…Have a Go! programme to be extended to those children.  Our coaches have all completed the Inclusive Coaching Module of the Halberg Disability Sports' No Exceptions Training. This training enables our instructors to be confident, knowledgeable and creative in adapting the programme to suit children with a disability.

Where we came from

The Volvo Sailing...Have a go! programme begain in 2006 with one trailer, living the dream of Sir Peter Blake that all children should get the chance to go sailing. The Team New Zealand 2000 trust provided the original funding to get the programme started, and the Lion Foundation continued to help as the programme evolved from one trailer to two and in 2009, three trailers. In 2013, Volvo Cars New Zealand came on board as the naming rights sponsor in support of youth sailing.