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Ran Tan

YNZ to continue inspections of boats heading overseas

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Did you know that Yachting New Zealand are the only delegated authority to carry out inspections of vessels leaving New Zealand?

We are able to keep the cost down a lot lower than a commercial marine surveyor and, if you are a member of a club affiliated to Yachting New Zealand, you can get a $75 discount.

Yachting New Zealand recently had their delegation renewed to carry out this service by Maritime New Zealand for another five years until 2024. We have held this delegation for a long time and the latest renewal shows the strength of the relationship Yachting New Zealand has with Maritime New Zealand and the level of confidence they have in us to carry this out at a high standard.

We have a team of yacht inspectors throughout New Zealand, supported by Yachting New Zealand technical and safety officer Angus Willison. The safety regulations of sailing are managed by Yachting New Zealand and approved by Maritime New Zealand, so the standards are largely determined by yachties for yachties.

These are some of the things Yachting New Zealand do behind the scenes, and we do it for the good of the boating public.

The safety inspections for those heading overseas are done by the same inspectors who carry out category 2 and category 3 inspections for coastal racing, so they have plenty of small-boat experience.

The number of category 1 safety certificates being issued this season is in line with last year, however, there a number of boats venturing off the beaten track.

Brian Petersen and his crew on Ran Tan are heading to Los Angeles via Tahiti and Hawaii to compete in the TransPac; Tony Whiting and crew are heading to French Polynesia on Taranui 3 and they're planning on cruising the Australs, Tuamotus, Society Islands and the Northern Cook Islands on their way home at the end of the season.

  • Photo: Live Sail Die.