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Register now for Dr Dave's offshore medical course

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Dr Dave Austin has treated every type of injury during offshore races, from breaks and sprains to an amputated hand, which is why his offshore medical course is a must for anyone planning on heading offshore this season.

Austin - or Dr Dave as he's affectionately known - will again be running the course this year - hosted by Royal Akarana Yacht Club on April 6 and 7.

The course fee is $375 and you can register by clicking here.


Dr Dave Austin's offshore medical course will be held at Royal Akarana Yacht Club on April 6 and 7. 

The course is recognised by Yachting New Zealand for category 1 and other events requiring an advanced first aid qualification. The course is also recognised by World Sailing for events such as the Auckland Fiji, Auckland Noumea, Sydney to Hobart and the Fastnet race and is valid for five years.

Austin is a Kiwi and experienced yachtsman, with more than 40,000 miles under his sea boots. He's also the director of intensive care services for Central Queensland Health and in 2019 was nominated for Australian of the Year.

He's specified the medical kits detailed in the Safety Regulations of Sailing 2021-2024 and has been part of the team compiling the specification of first aid kits for World Sailing Offshore Safety Regulations.

The course has a large practical component and has been extended to cover the basic standards of first aid. Participants are taught to treat the following: 
•    Sea sickness
•    Minor wounds
•    Major trauma
•    Major wounds and closure techniques
•    Cardiac arrest
•    Fractures and dislocations
•    Burns and infection – skin, systemic
•    Antibiotics
•    Intramuscular injections
•    Suturing and stapling wounds