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Tera Fuel Pump TREP01-T

Product features

  • Delivery Volume: 9 Litres per Minute (2.4 Gallons per Minute)
  • Telescopic Suction tube for fuel  cans up to 60 litre.

  • Built in Flow Control Handle for easy refuelling

  • Eliminates fuel spillsWater resistant  batter cover

  • Makes refuelling water craft, cars, generators, lawn equipment, farm equipment.

  • NZ and Australian Standards approved AS 61010-1-2003. Also USA and Canadian certificate of Compliance # 265559

  • No more  lifting heavy gas can's to refuel your equipment

  • Batteries will pump in excess of 900 Litres of fuel per set

  • Backed by a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty

Operation Instructions

  1. Insert Two "D" Size Batteries (Not Included)
  2. Insert Suction Tube into sending Container (Gas Can or Container with Fuel)
  3. Clip discharge hose to receiving end
  4. Squeeze the Nozzle to Start
  5. To Stop Flow, Release the Nozzle

Environmental benefits

  • No fuel spilt into the environment
  • Reduces fire potential due to exposed fuels
  • Trigger nozzle for full flow control.
  • Storage nozzle holder in pump body
  • Fully complies with NZ and AU standards