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Hugo Wigglesworth

Date of Birth:
Competition Class(es):
Hugo Wigglesworth Profile 2022

Top sailing accomplishments:

  • 2022 NZ Kitefoil nationals - 1st in the under 19’s, 2nd overall
  • 2021 NZ Kitefoil nationals - 1st in the under 19’s

Q & A with Hugo

How did you get into sailing?
My parents Windsurfed and then they learned to Kitesurf. When I was seven I learned to Kitesurf. Then 4 years ago once foiling became more popular I learned to Kitefoil and from there I got into the racing.

What is your favourite thing to eat after a long day on the water?
Pasta bolognese

Where is your favourite place to sail?

What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not sailing?
Speed runs.

Who are your role models?
Marc Jacobs - current King of the air
Theo Deramecour - 2021 Kitefoil world champion

What is the best thing about sailing your youth class boat?
It’s super fun and training becomes your exercise and entertainment for the day.

What do you hope to achieve in sailing in the upcoming year?
A top 10 finish at the youth sailing world championships and 1st in the 2023 NZ Kitefoil Nationals.

How will you prepare for the Youth Sailing World Championships and which regattas will you be attending in the lead-up?
To prepare I will make sure that my gear is trimmed and perfected. I will also train as much as I can. I will be attending the foil bay islands weekend and I will do any racing that is offered in the lead up to the youth sailing world championships.

What do you hope to achieve in your sailing career?
To go to the Olympics one day and represent NZ.

What was the proudest moment of your sailing to date, and tell us how you felt?
My proudest moment was at last year's Kitefoil nationals where I was fighting super hard to get on the podium and I achieved it. I felt happy

World Sailing Sailor Profile

 Hugo Wigglesworth - 2022 Oceanbridge NZL Sailing Regatta