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Aon National Youth Clinics

Aon National Youth Clinics are focused on supporting the best young New Zealand sailors who dream of international success at youth level and beyond.


This training enables sailors from different clubs and regions an opportunity to:

• Share information on set-up/technique

• Access knowledge and advice from coaches and support staff

• Build bonds (sailors, parents and coaches) and plans before international events

• Test their skills against their peers


Before entering the programme, Sailors need to be signed off as having met the eligibility requirements of the programme.

There requirements are:

1. Assessed to have a basic competency in the class and of a sufficient level to take part safely and at the desired level of the clinics. Sailors must be confident in controlling there boat in winds up to 25 knots so coaches do not get diverted to be safety boats during training.


2. Be training consistently and be working towards competing in the 2022 NZL Sailing Regatta/ Youth Trials and their class nationals. 3 days per week is a rough guide.


3. Attended a recognised eligibility event where their skills can be assessed by a Yachting New Zealand Coach.

For the 2021/22 season, these events include:

AYP Code of Conduct 

As part of the registration process each sailor is expected to have read and must agree to the code of conduct. This applies to all sailors, coaches and support personnel attending clinics and YNZ national and international events. It can be found here. 


For more information please contact Youth and Events Manager Sam Mackay