Racing Rules of Sailing

The YNZ Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 contains the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing and selected appendices including important changes from the 2013-2016 rules and the Yachting New Zealand Prescriptions.

The 2017-2020 YNZ Racing Rules of Sailing are available now; they can be purchased from the YNZ Shop. For yacht clubs wishing to purchse the book, contact YNZ directly. 

The World Sailing version of the Racing Rules of Sailing can be viewed electronically, click here to view them (including rule changes, corrections and updates).

The existing rules came into effect on 1 January 2017, and continue to be in effect until December 31 2020. 

Appendicies not included in the YNZ book (E, G, H, J, K, L & N) are available on the World Sailing Website

The Yachting New Zealand Safety Regulations of Sailing Part I can be downloaded from the Safety Regulations page of the YNZ website.

Corrections and Updates

Below are downloadable sections of the rule book which have been corrected or updated:

Resources from World Sailing

World Sailing has established a single internet address where useful resources relating to the Racing Rules of Sailing can be found. The address is www.sailing.org/racingrules/documents. These resources will help build your knowledge understanding of the rules. 

Resources include:

  • Call Book for Match Racing
  • Call Book for Team Racing
  • Interpretations of Rule 42
  • World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations

World Sailing also has a Q&A service for the Racing Rules of Sailing which can be found here: World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing Q&A Service.

Prescriptions and Addenda

Yachting New Zealand Prescriptions 2013-2016

Yachting New Zealand Prescriptions 2017-2020

YNZ Regulation on Rule 69: Gross Misconduct - See YNZ Regulation 4.5.2 on the Governance Documents page

Royal Yachting Association recommendations regarding RRS69

Addendum A - YNZ Policy on the Denial of Right of Appeal

Addendum D - Regulations Covering the Conduct of Offshore Events (Important note - October 2006, Addendum D has been altered and the version in the rule book on page 147 is no longer valid)

The following Yachting New Zealand Addenda have now been re-written as Regulations...

They are within YNZ Regulations Part Four: Administration of Racing Rules available to view on the Governance Document page.

  • Addendum B (New Zealand Representation)
  • Addendum C (Regulations covering the conduct of YNZ National Events and the recognition of National Champions