Inclusion Resources

Yachting New Zealand's committee for sailors with a disability has worked with clubs and various parties involved in providing accessible sailing opportunities to New Zealanders, and have come up with a number of best practice documents and guidelines. Keep in mind that every sailing club that offers programmes for sailors with a disability will be different; there is no one size fits all approach! 

These documents are designed to help individuals and sailing clubs get started in opening up the sport to all. 

Inclusion F.A.Q 

  1. Introduction to Inclusive Sailing
  2. 10 Steps to starting a programme
  3. Finding Sailors
  4. Recruiting Helpers
  5. Getting Organized
  6. Disability Awareness
  7. Club Accessibility
  8. Safety
  9. Coaching
  10. Tips on running an Open Day
  11. Conclusions

Find more information on the YNZ Website regarding Sailing for people with a disability... 

Learn to Sail disability suppliments- how the YNZ Learn To Sail dinghy syllabus can be changed to accomodate sailors with a physical disability or a Visual Impairment, and coaching tips for including sailors of all abilities.

Paralympic sailing - including information on Classification and the YNZ Development Programme and class progression guide.

About Disabled Sailing - Basic information and links to national contacts.

Useful Resource:

Rigging Guides

Downloadable rigging guides are available below in A4 booklet format. These are also available in A3 poster format. For your own laminated copy of these, contact your YNZ Regional Support Officer.

Resources for Race Officials

To help Race Officials the following documents are available

Many sailors with disabilities compete in open regattas. This information is a useful reference when writing a Notice Of Race or Sailing Instructions


Sailors wanting to compare Hansa Classes performance to other classes sailing against them at the same regatta may be interested in the following Yardstick.


While the choice of what style life jacket/PFD is often dependant on the type of sailing and an individual’s preference, more care must be taken with the choice for persons with a disability. It is strongly recommended that individuals test their own life jackets to check their suitability, and that manufacturer's recommendations are followed, particularly in regard to servicing inflatable life jackets.

Cranes/Lifting Systems (helping sailors in and out of boats)

In New Zealand, most clubs are using cranesas an aid in getting the less mobile sailors in and out of boats. Hoists or cranes are used in conjunction with a sling, and ACC have produced some useful guides.