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Westhaven Marina master plan

Issue date

Waterfront Auckland recently engaged UK-based Marina Projects Ltd to develop a detailed Westhaven water-space master plan which includes:

  • Assessment of the existing Westhaven water-space configuration
  • Assessment of interface issues with the adjoining Wynyard Quarter water-space
  • Options for future-proofing Westhaven in terms of current and future vessel design requirements
  • Demonstration of the suitability of the water-space masterplan design in relation to current and anticipated boating and marina trends. This includes the interface with land based activities such as support services (maintenance, refuelling, provisioning, car parking, etc.)
  • Development of design parameters and the preparation of indicative costings to assess financial feasibility.
  • Specific consideration of ongoing maintenance requirements and life cycle costings of the completed assets.
  • Consideration of environmental, sustainability and planning issues

Marina customers and the local marine industry have been surveyed extensively and valuable feedback was provided from a full week of workshops held with a range of stakeholder groups earlier this year.

The masterplan zones illustrated below indicate the various areas under consideration and for which different responses are required depending on the existing asset conditions and stakeholder expectations.



1 Existing Trust and Extension Trust berths (dark blue represents end-of-life piers)

2 Western Edge and proposed marine village

3 Pile mooring area

4 swing mooring area

5 Z pier charter berths

6 St Mary’s Bay

7 Public launching ramp and trailer parking

Marina Projects have delivered a final draft of the water-space masterplan. This is being evaluated and contributes to the development of a long term plan for Westhaven that Waterfront Auckland will discuss with Westhaven Marina users in due course.

You can read more about this in the full Westhaven Marina Newsletter, found on their website here