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Townson 32 Update

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This from the Townson 32 Owners Association Newsletter 2012...


After about six years of severe bashing, we finally had the weather we deserve for our Altex Yacht & Boat Paint / Burnsco Marine & Leisure Townson 32 Class Championships and Townson Owners Regatta over the weekend on 14 and 15 April.



Line honours: shared by Delicado and Sunlight

Class Championship: Sunlight (by 3 points over Delicado)

Handicap Trophy: Incentive


The forecast was for winds up to 21 knots on Saturday morning from the South West, changing to 4 to 6 knots South east. Brain sailing, not brawn sailing almost to survival stuff as we have had previously. This prolonged heavy sailing has taken its toll on our fleet over the years where the racing ceased to be enjoyable. 2012 gave us sunshine, dropping winds over the Regatta, warm conditions and enough change in wind direction to keep you on your toes or to dump you in it with no warning.


Next Year’s Regatta and Championships. 13, 14 April 2013,

Next Year’s Annual Townson Dinner & Prize giving 19th


Next summer, we are working at inviting Townsons to participate in the Classic Yacht regatta where we will race as a design. We will compete as a two day event, rather than the three day event for the other Classics. This will give us the opportunity to sail as a modern classic with the venerable and beautiful looking yachts of the association


Also, we are looking at a Townson Class for a two day event with the BMW week that includes windward/leewards and harbour courses. We will go non spinnaker for this series if it eventuates. Then we hope to have our cruisers participate in the Classic yacht event, a passage event to Cowes Bay, Waiheke as a very social occasion, we hope. As usual, we encourage all to visit Mahurangi for the Anniversary Weekend at the end of January.