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Coastal Classic

Safety certificate exemptions for Coastal Classic

Issue date

Ongoing restrictions and uncertainty due to the lockdown in Auckland has seen Yachting New Zealand develop alternative options for category 3 safety inspection exemptions for next month's PIC Coastal Classic.

The annual Coastal Classic is one of the biggest events on the New Zealand sailing calendar and is due to start in Auckland on October 22. All entrants are required to hold a category 3 safety certificate or higher for the race but in-person physical inspections are presently unable to take place.

For that reason, Yachting New Zealand will allow boat owners to carry out a self-inspection if their category 3 (or higher) certificate expired between June 30 and October 22, 2021. Boat owners will need to follow the category 3 requirements laid out in the 2021-2024 Safety Regulations.

The exemption will be valid only for the Coastal Classic race and will expire on October 24, 2021. You will be required to complete the standard in-person yacht inspection if you require a category 3 or higher certificate for other events.

cat 3 safety inspection 1

If you have not previously held a category 3 safety certificate, or your certificate expired prior to June 30, 2021, you will be able to complete a virtual inspection with a Yachting New Zealand safety inspector.

You will need to be able to access your vessel with internet/video calling connection for the virtual inspection to take place. We recommend you check with your marina operator or local harbour master for permission.

cat 3 safety inspection 2

To purchase an exemption info pack which contains all of the documentation needed to complete the above processes, please visit our shop.

If you purchase an exemption certificate and require a category 3 or higher certificate for a regatta after the Coastal Classic, you can revalidate with a full category 3 (or higher) inspection before March 31, 2022, and pay the additional inspectors fee only.

For any queries, please contact CIOR administrator Alana Pooley on email or phone 022 084 3725.