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Queen Charlotte Yacht Club

Regional Roundup - the South Island

Issue date

We normally run a segment called Regional Roundup but these are not normal times. South Island regional support officer Ian Gardiner offers some advice to clubs and also takes a look at some of the things happening in his region.

Wow, what a turn of events.

It wasn't that long ago that many of us in the South Island were all in full planning for the sharp end of the sailing season with various national championships planned and end-of-season events. Now all local clubs have shut and events been either cancelled or postponed.

Who would have envisaged this happening in our country, where we enjoy many freedoms and a lifestyle that is the envy of many parts of the world?

It's important during this time, as we go into lockdown, we all stay positive and look forward to the other side, because there will be an other side.

Once you've all stopped and taken a breath, it might be worth looking at the next four weeks as an opportunity to review how your club operates and what you could do to improve what you offer.

There are so many ways to stay connected with your members, committees and even other clubs through things like Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

I encourage clubs to consider what can be achieved during this time to build a stronger club, infrastructure and programmes for the next sailing season. Below is a list of some things you could consider but it by no means exhaustive. 

  • What a perfect time to review and update your club's health and safety documents and systems.
  • For those going through the MOSS exemption process, this could be the right time to get those pesky documents finished.
  • Each club should have a strategic plan. I hear often that “we have not had time to get round to it”. This doesn't need to be daunting and we can help you get things rolling.
  • Club planning for the next season. Get that draft sailing calendar up to date and learn to sail structure and plan confirmed.
  • Has your club ever done a budget? It's something worth doing and now is a good time to review it, particularly if your club relies a lot of community funding.
  • What about a Sport New Zealand Sport Compass, the modern version of the ODT report. We can assist in completing this remotely and it will give clubs a great insight into the health and direction of their club into the future.
  • Review and update your club's public profile, website and Facebook settings, as well as your club's communication methods.

As regional support officers, we are on deck, albeit working remotely, and available to help clubs through this and assist in planning for the next season.

We are more than happy to assist and facilitate any of the above. The normal communication channels are open, so let's make the next season the best yet.

Team Sailing

Teams racing

It was disappointing but necessary that all the teams sailing regional regattas and the upcoming national championships at Lake Hood were postponed / cancelled.

In the South Island, we were very much looking forward to hosting the nationals at a new Lake Hood venue.

It was great to find and secure a venue such as Lake Hood and it would have been easy to get to for participants from most corners of the country.

The development of this has been a stimulus to the developing teams sailing programmes in Otago and we look forward to developing this venue as a great step in expanding and developing teams sailing nationally.

There have been a number of concepts floated, from holding some regional events in winter tournament week and some form of the national championships later in the year, but no one knows when the current situation will improve or get back to normal, whatever the new normal will be.

We'll keep you in touch with Yachting New Zealand website, social media channels and Briefings newsletter, and the teams sailing website will also update information when it comes to hand.

Starling Nationals

Starling nationals

At this stage, the event has been officially postponed. A huge amount of work has been put into the nationals by the Nelson Yacht Club, and they'd also done a great job securing volunteers, equipment and sponsors.

Again, the pathway forward will become clearer as the situation unfolds. We'll keep you abreast of any developments or you could contact the club on

The Interislander Regatta

Queen Charlotte Yacht Club

It wasn't that long that the Queen Charlotte Yacht Club hosted another stunner with the 2020 Interislander Regatta. The North Island once again showed its dominance in the Optimist class by taking out the Interislander Challenge Trophy.

You can find a full regatta report here.

The event was held in the partially-completed new clubrooms at the Queen Charlotte Yacht Club. There were many positive comments on the progress of the project and a number of people wrote cheques to help fund the final stages.

The club are planning the official opening of the new community facility on the opening day of next season.

My final message is take care, stay safe and be kind and use this time we have wisely and productively.