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Pick up the new Intro to Keelboat Sailing book

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Learning to sail on a keelboat can seem a bit daunting at times, with lots of jargon and technical aspects to try to remember, but that's all been simplified through a new Yachting New Zealand publication.

Yachting New Zealand have reproduced the Introduction to Keelboat Sailing - Level 1 which was last updated in 2001, complete with new material, colour photos and graphics and a more user-friendly format.

It will be a valuable resource for any coaches teaching people who want to learn to sail on keelboats.

"We are really excited to share the new and improved version of the Introduction to Keelboat Sailing - Level 1," Yachting New Zealand national sport development director Raynor Haagh said. "We would like to thank all of those who contributed to the reproduction of this booklet, including Julie Kidman from the Opua Cruising Club and Great Escape, as well as Wellington Ocean Sports and the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club, Waikawa Boating Club and the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron."

This course is an introduction to keelboats and the topics covered include:

  • Hazards, equipment, parts of the boat and sailing definitions
  • Hoisting and changing the mainsail and basics of sail trim and telltale use
  • Avoiding collisions and recovering a person overboard
  • Understanding weather forecasts and the clothing suitable for different conditions
  • Learning a variety of knots and their uses
  • Performing all roles associated with tacking, gibing and other crew positions of a boat
  • A knowledge of the give-way rules

Affiliated clubs and non-commercial members can purchase the book from the Yachting New Zealand shop here for $25 each once they become an authorised club purchaser. Affiliated commercial members can purchase the book for $40 each by contacting the office directly.

Keelboat Level 1 manual