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LiteClub help yacht clubs become more sustainable

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LiteClub have helped more than 50 yacht clubs save an average of $6000 per club simply by them being more efficient with electricity, water, and waste.

LiteClub is a free service run by the Project Litefoot Trust, designed to help community sports clubs be more efficient with electricity, water, and waste. Small efficiency changes not only reduce the clubs’ impact on the environment, but they also free up money to put back into yachting – a rare win-win in sports.

More than 1480 sports clubs have been visited nationwide since 2011, freeing up more than $8.3 million for sport. For yachting, the average savings throughout 52 facilities are calculated at $6000 per club.

LiteClub field teams make a two-hour long club visit and make on-the-spot changes, such as replacing old light bulbs with LED, supplying fridge timers, insulating hot water cylinders and pipes, installing water saving devices in taps, toilets and showers, and setting up sorting bins to make recycling easier. Their sustainability advisers also note larger opportunities to improve efficiency at the clubrooms and send a report with recommendations following the visit.

The best part about it: LiteClub is completely free for clubs – both the visit and the products installed. This is made possible thanks to a variety of funders ranging from local boards and councils to community, energy and gaming trusts – and Yachting New Zealand.

Any club who haven't received a visit yet, or were visited before 2016, can register their interest here. LiteClub will then be in touch to arrange a visit to your club. Their field teams travel in a nationwide cycle every year, beginning with Auckland this winter.

For more information about LiteClub or Litefoot, check out the charity’s brand new website or contact their team directly on or phone 09 377 6792.