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Keep it Green: Bucklands Beach clean uses Litter Intelligence Programme

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Litter levels have gone down at Little Bucklands Beach over the space of four months, thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers. 

More than 20 volunteers came along to a beach clean up held over the weekend, with a significant amount of plastic amidst the 374 items per 1000m2 collected. 

The group is led by Bucklands Beach Yacht Club member and local Helene Winter, who is working to analyse their findings via the Sustainable Coastlines Litter Intelligence Programme. 

This weekends clean was the second clean organised by Winter this year, and saw all rubbish taken back to the club to be analysed. The idea is that over a longer period of time, the local stretch of coastline will have useful data to provide insight into, and solve the areas litter problem. 

Beach Clean analysis

Litter Intelligence is the countries first national litter database, and aims to build a better understanding of the litter problem. 

All findings are published for free on their website, including results from the recent clean which can be found here.