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Coastal Classic

It's time to renew your PHRF

Issue date

The current PHRFs expire on May 31, 2019, so keelboat owners who intend racing in the upcoming season need to revalidate these certificates now.

It's important you create a log in and our new system on the Yachting New Zealand website and this will pre-populate the revalidation form with your boat's existing PHRF measurements.

Click here to revalidate your PHRF

Here's what you need to do:

  • Firstly create a log-in on the Yachting New Zealand website
  • On the form, choose 'PHRF New Application & Revalidation'
  • Scroll down and click on the tab 'Search for a registered boat' 
  • Enter your boat name or sail number and hit 'Search'
  • Select the tick box next to your boat and hit 'Select boat'
  • This will pre-populate the form with your boat's existing PHRF details
  • You can amend or add to any of the fields with new details

See here to view or download a PHRF certificate 

There are a couple of additional measurements to the process this year to make the handicapper's job easier.

This season we require the foot length of symmetric and asymmetric spinnakers (SFL and ASF) and we also require the prod length - this should be measured from the front of the mast to the end of the prod. Many are incorrect, so please check yours. 

This season Boating New Zealand Magazine are kindly offering PHRF owners a free three-month subscription to their magazine. Details of the offer will be emailed with your certificate.

Any questions, please contact or phone 09 361 1471.

Make sure you are familiar with the PHRF rules for 2019, which can be found here.