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Innovation and safety key drivers for Zhik's 2019 range

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Innovating to keep sailors performing at their best is one of the key drivers for Zhik in their product design.

Innovation around safety, comfort and performance, along with collaboration from world-leading sailors, results in products that lead the field and win awards.

New Zealanders can now benefit from these exciting new technological advancements in Zhik’s new 2019 range, which is available now. This includes products such as:

Zhik’s sustainable Eco Range of wetsuits and spandex tops

This season, Zhik have pushed the boat out with a strong environmental focus through the launch of their Eco Range of wetsuits and spandex tops.

Made from 100% neoprene-free ECOFOAM, which uses sustainable, natural plant-based materials and fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, this range increases the focus on environmental sustainability while retaining all of Zhik’s renowned performance features. Available now to purchase at an affordable price.

Learn more here

T3 Trapeeze harness sets you free in seconds with a new ultra quick release system

Safety is paramount in sailing and is always a key focal point in Zhik product design. With the launch of the latest evolution of the T3 Harness, Zhik have built in a quick release velcro ripcord system which, when the shoulder buckle is also unclicked, releases the user from the harness in seconds.

This combined with additional optional impact protection and a perforated construction for more airflow and faster drainage, gives sailors a leading performance harness with increased safety and performance features.

Watch the demonstration video here

Powerpads III – now with adjustable sizing for a superior fit

Zhik have taken their popular hiking Powerpads and improved the design and fit with adjustable velcro tabs for that superior fit and to help those needing in-between sizes. The improved design also allows for a wider range of movement and fits under any wetsuit for ultimate hiking protection.

Zhik gear