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Follow in Cook's footsteps and sail on Endeavour

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Adventure seekers, history buffs and sailing enthusiasts will have the chance to take the voyage of a lifetime as part of the crew on the magnificent replica of James Cook’s 18th century vessel HMB Endeavour.

The HMB Endeavour will leave Sydney on September 12, 2019, on a voyage to New Zealand to join TUIA 250 flotilla of Pacific and European vessels.

The Tuia 250 Voyage will include a flotilla of six core vessels: two waka hourua (double-hulled canoes), a va’a tipaerua from Tahiti, two heritage ships and one youth sail training ship, sailing together to sites around New Zealand.

The voyaging event will provide a framework for discussion and participation in the national commemorative programme that recognises the extraordinary voyaging traditions and cultures of Te Moana Nui a Kiwa (the Pacific), the exceptional feats of Pacific voyagers, their mātauranga (knowledge), innovation and non-instrument navigation prowess and their decision to settle in Aotearoa before European explorers arrived. It will also recognise the feats of those European explorers and the technology they developed and mastered enabling them to cross vast oceans and return to their home ports in Europe.

Endeavour is sailed by a professional crew of 16 assisted by 40 paying voyage crew who learn first hand what it was like to sail the oceans during the era of European exploration.

Voyagers can sign up as crew or take a supernumerary berth. Voyage crew members sleep in hammocks and stand watch, learn how to set sails and helm the ship. Full training is provided. 

Supernumerary berths are ideal for those who prefer a more leisurely sailing experience. Supernumeraries can choose their own level of involvement while enjoying the privacy of their own cabin.

HMB Endeavour Voyaging Schedule

Gisborne to Auckland: 11th October 19 – 25th October 19
Voyage crew: 15-day voyage - $5600
Supernumerary: 15-day voyage - $9730

Auckland to Whangarei: 29th October 19 – 2nd November 19
Voyage crew: 4-day voyage - $900
Supernumerary: 4-day voyage - $1580

Whangarei to Bay of Islands: 4th November 19 – 7th November 19
Voyage crew: 4-day voyage - $1080
Supernumerary: 4-day voyage - $1890

Bay of Islands to Picton: 11th November 19 – 22nd November 19
Voyage crew: 12-day voyage - $3610
Supernumerary: 12-day voyage - $6320

Picton to Wellington: 26th November 19 – 30th November 19
Voyage crew: 5-day voyage - $1450
Supernumerary: 5-day voyage - $2530

Wellington to Sydney: 4th December 19 – 22nd December 19
Voyage crew: 18-day voyage - $9000
Supernumerary: 18-day voyage - $14,860

To book one of the voyages on HMB Endeavour visit here or phone +61 2 8241 8323 for more information.

See here for more on Tuia 250, which commemorates 250 years since the first onshore meetings between Māori and Europeans.