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Glenn Ashby

Ep 52 - Glenn Ashby and the land speed record

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The number 202.9 might not mean a lot to most but is a figure Glenn Ashby has become obsessed about. The two-time America’s Cup winner is now leading a group from Emirates Team New Zealand trying to break the wind powered land speed record. They need to go faster than 202.9km/h on the salt flats of Lake Gairdner in South Australia to do it.

Glenn joins us for this episode of Broad Reach Radio to talk about why he and Emirates Team New Zealand are chasing this record, what they need to do to break it and just how fast he thinks they can go. He also talks about what it’s like to sail the craft the team have built, what tricks they’ve taken from motor racing and just how much he can see when he’s strapped into the cockpit.

Glenn talks passionately about this quest and provides a fascinating insight into the project from its inception to the point they are now. The team have had plenty of setbacks over the last few weeks, mostly due to the weather, but momentum is building towards an official record attempt and their quest to see how fast they can go.