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Nigel Blackbourn

Ep 23 - Nigel Blackbourn

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Nigel Blackbourn has been involved in the superyacht industry for a large part of his 40 years at sea. He’s worked for some of the wealthiest people in the world, including the Qatari royal family, overseeing the running of 19 superyachts and hundreds of staff. He was also team boss of the German America’s Cup team in 2007 and more latterly has been captain of the famous schooner Altair, which is often seen as the vessel that set the standard for classic yacht restorations.

Nigel talks about what got him into the industry, what it was like to work for the Qatari royal family, some of the demands owners place on their staff and how often he really spends on land each year. He also talks about how people can get into the industry and the similarities of running superyachts and running an America’s Cup campaign.