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Dave's Desk - an update from the CEO

Issue date

We understand that everyone wants to go yachting and boating at alert level 3 and this is something we are working on at Yachting New Zealand.

The present rules clearly state water-based activities involving sailing boats or motorised craft or equipment are not allowed under level 3. Some water activities are possible, including swimming, surfing, kayaking, kiteboarding and windsurfing, as long as they are done no more than 200m from shore and that participants stay within their bubble.

The full guidelines can be found here.

Like most of you, we think recreational sailing and boating can be done safely at alert level 3 and this is what we have asked for previously. We understand the challenges the Government are facing right now but we are hopeful of achieving a good level of engagement with them so they can fully understand our requests and how we can all do this safely within the guidelines.

We think it's important to get some clarity, not only for the present lockdown those in the Auckland region are experiencing, but for any future lockdowns should they eventuate. 

Unfortunately, this is not an easy process but I will continue to update you with any developments.

Kia kaha
David Abercrombie
Yachting New Zealand chief executive

  • Photo: Charteris Bay Yacht Club