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Become a YNZ Member Club

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Every Yacht Club throughout New Zealand is invited to affiliate to Yachting New Zealand

To become an Affiliated Club, the club is first a member of their Regional Yachting Association. Your membership contribution helps Yachting New Zealand deliver a comprehensive package of products and services specifically designed to affect the advancement and growth of yachting in New Zealand.

Click here to download the club membership affiliation form or contact us for more information.

The Affiliation Fee

Each club contributes a levy based on their total membership income and their senior membership fee (a formula is used to calculate a number of senior equivalent members). The fee is not a ‘per member’ based fee and affiliates the club rather than individuals.

  • If a club has $5000 of subscription income made up from 35 senior members at $100, 50 juniors at $10, five family members $150, and ten country members at $25… the calculation is as follows:

Total Membership Income ($5000) divided by the senior sub ($100) gives 50 Senior Equivalent Members.
Club affiliation would be calculated at:
50 Senior Equivalent Members (SEMs) multiplied by $46.00 - inclusive of GST (the present SEM levy agreed to and set by members of Yachting New Zealand at the recent Annual General Meeting).

  • The significant advantage of this system is it allows all member clubs to have flexibility in the categories of membership and our fee is not based on any one type of club membership. Many of our clubs have family, country, junior, senior, overseas, ramp-users, social and non-sailing members with a wide range of membership options specific to their clubs needs.
Affiliation as Club provides...
  • A ‘subsite’ hosted free of charge on the Yachting New Zealand website
  • Your events, seminars and regattas published to the Yachting New Zealand website
  • Use of the Yachting New Zealand Racing Rules of Sailing and prescriptions, and access to the Yachting New Zealand administered appeals process.
  • Voting rights at the Yachting New Zealand Annual General Meeting
  • Each year, Yachting New Zealand will forward to you a copy of the Yachting New Zealand Annual Report and Financial statements.
  • As a Yachting New Zealand affiliated Club, you are invited to utilise Yachting New Zealand’s Programmes, Products and Services – including National training schemes – such as the ‘Learn to…’ series, and coach training, Race Management - including National Race Officers, race management training, and event management packs
  • Yachting New Zealand’s staff are available to you for guidance and training for general enquiries and also for specific information within their specialist fields