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Save on fuel at GOfuel Marine sites 

Go fuel

Plus get discounted fuel at service stations with a NO FEES GOfuel fuel card.

  • "NO FEES" Mobil, BP & Z fuel cards
  • Avoid credit card pre-authorisation holds
  • Mobil card can be used at GOfuel marina sites - refer to map on website for locations and card use*
  • Multiple cards can be linked to one account
  • Set spending limits & purchase options for each card.
  • Discounts allocated at time of invoice and include GST.
  • Invoices/statements sent by email.

Sign-up for a card at hereUse promo code: YachtingNZ

Card Type  Per Litre Discount
Mobil  12c off pump price
BP Service Stations 9c off national price
BP Truckstop 4c off national price
Z 7c off pump price
GOfuel marine sites with a GOfuel Mobil fuelcard 10c off pump price


Lake shot

Helping you get to where they want to be with the GOfuel Aviation, Marine and land-based networks throughout New Zealand 24/7.

Delivering fewer emissions

The GOfuel marine network use Mobil Diesel Efficient. Every day more than 20,000 scientists & engineers at ExxonMobil are working to develop lower-carbon technologies & innovation to help lower GHG emissions from transportation, so we can help our customers navigate through the energy transition.

Advanced fuel formulation engineered to help:

  • with an average of 22% reduction in particulates matter
  • reduce NOx by up to 10%
  • reduce C02 by up to 2.8%
  • remove dirty fuel injector deposits
  • provide excellent fuel system corrosion protection


GOfuel Marine Sites

GoFuel map










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