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Driven by a passion for water sports and the ocean, back in 2017  two marine electricians embarked on exploring electric boating experiences. Their endeavor aims to enhance boating in and around New Zealand by providing a superior, user-friendly, and environmentally cleaner option. Evocean presents sustainable alternatives, encompassing both power and propulsion systems.

Offerings include virtually silent, clean systems, eliminating messy fuel or oil leaks, ensuring an enhanced boating experience for you, your family, and friends. These low-maintenance, robust systems incorporate efficient and innovative motors, contributing to a more enjoyable and eco-friendly boating experience.

Evocean Electric Power & Propulsion brings forth solutions tailored for Kiwis. Rather than aiming to replace traditional petrol or diesel engines, electric boating seeks to provide a premium boating experience on New Zealand's waters and beyond.

Evocean is offering club members an exclusive offer on Epropulsion systems.  

To explore more head along to our website or come down and have a chat with the team in Westhaven.