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Skipper Training NZ

Skipper Training NZ is an NZQA-accredited school on a mission to deliver the best practical maritime training to help keep everyone as safe as possible on the water. In addition to commercial training, they offer courses for Advanced Sea Survival, including the 1-day refresher, Club Rescue Boat operators and Radio operators.


Usual Sailing Waters: Nationwide

Phone number: (03) 546 9700



Physical Address:

24a Harley Street

Nelson 7010

New Zealand.

Postal Address:

PO Box 5111



Upcoming events:

Advanced Sea Survival – full course


16-17 September 2023 Enrol here

7-8 October 2023 Enrol here

11-12 November 2023 Enrol here


16-17 September 2023 Enrol here


28-29 October 2023 Enrol here

Maritime Restricted Radio Operator Course


12 August 2023 Enrol here


Name: Milo Coldren
Role: Director/Tutor

Name: Capt Valentino Lobo
Role: Master Mariner/Senior Tutor

Name: Phil Bishop
Role: Sea Survival Specialist

Name: Nick Tapp
Role: Rescue Boat Trainer

Name: Ruby Needham
Role: Student Engagement Manager

Name: Denise Booth
Role: Operations Manager

Name: Melissa de Beer
Role: Administration Manager

Name: Isabella Merschdorf
Role: Communications Manager

Usual Sailing Waters:
Phone number:
Physical Address:

24a Harley Street
Nelson 7010
New Zealand

Postal Address:

PO Box 5111
Nelson 7010
New Zealand