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women's keelboat nationals

Updated templates for NOR and sailing instructions

Issue date

Yachting New Zealand have updated the templates for the notice of race and sailing instructions to accommodate the changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2021-24.

These documents, put together by the Yachting New Zealand race management sub-committee, are very similar to Racing Rules of Sailing Appendix KG and LG which are the basic templates recommended by World Sailing. Our versions have been tweaked to align with the requirements for our national events.  

The race management sub-committee recommend that when writing the notice of race and sailing instructions for an event that you start with these new templates. It's worth starting afresh because there are a number of terminology changes which could easily get missed otherwise.

The templates are sufficiently open ended to be able to be adopted for any event and it would be helpful to our clientele - the sailors - if all notices of race and sailing instructions were written with the same sequence of topics.  

It's also advisable to keep these documents as simple and brief as you can. Please consider whether a clause is necessary - if it isn’t, leave it out.

In many instances, for simple events using Appendix S and a well written supplement keeps the documentation to a minimum. The race management sub-committee are in the process of updating the Appendix S supplement template.  

You can find the updated templates on the race official and event resources page on our website here in the Race document templates section.

The New Zealand version of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-24 are in the final throes of publication and will be available soon.

  • Photo: Andrew Delves / RNZYS