YNZ Learn To Sail

Whether it is intense racing, sailing around the world, or just an afternoon picnic cruise, sailing is a sport to be enjoyed by everybody!

Getting started

To give yachting a go, contact a yacht club near you to organise a visit and find out what events or courses are on locally. You can find a list of clubs in our Club Directory. Yacht clubs sometimes hold open days when you can try sailing and find out more about joining a club.

Yachting New Zealand runs a "Sailing... Have a Go!" programme for intermediate school children, where their school can attend an introduction to sailing day at their local yacht club. Many schools also have sailing facilities of their own where students can try sailing.

Most people start sailing by joining a yacht club, and taking lessons. You can also take lessons through sailing schools, many of which are commercial maritime members or non-commercial maritime members of YNZ.  Once you know the basics, it is then easy to progress to club level racing or cruising.  In many occasions all the equipment you need is provided by the club or sailing schools.

Sailing is also a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities- see Sailing for People with Disabilites for more information.