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Racing isn’t everything, teach children to have fun sailing.

Who says racing is the only way to acquire sailing skills? Teach children that sailing is fun and watch the numbers grow. For some reason, the teaching of sailing skills in many countries where sailing is an active pursuit has over the years changed from learning the ropes on a local body of water from an experienced friend to a rigorously structured multi-year racing-based certification process.

Coaches for next summer

If your club is interested to Hire a head coach next season get in touch.

We have recieved cv's from quite a few coaches keen to take on a coaching or head coaching role.

Wheather its a learn to sail coach or a development level coach you need, let us know your needs and we can put you in touch.

Installing The Ability To Repair

Installing the ability to… (jimmy it up) and keep going.

A big part of doing well in sailing, is our ability to fix broken parts with whats stashed in our lifejacket. Remember as a coach its important to get your sailor to the start line but you should also give them a chance when ever time allows, to make the repair themselves. Its so tempting to quickly jump in and save the day, but we must remember its important for the sailor to learn how to repair the boat as well. If we fix the problem they will not learn and they will expect someone will always come to the rescue.

Innovation in coaching

Innovation in Coaching

This is an interesting article and it shows how important it is for us as coaches to get hold of the class rules understand them.

The next process is to get the sailors to start looking into the class rules and develop their understanding. 

Then together we can look at the rules and find ways we can develop our boats thinking of ways to work within the rule that will gain a competitive advantage.


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