Appeals & Protests


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As per the procedure outlined in Appendix R (page133) of the Yachting New Zealand publication of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020, Yachting New Zealand prescribes that:

  1. Appeals should be lodged on the prescribed form available from Yachting New Zealand. Click here to download an Appeal Form.  Completed forms can be returned to: The Appeals Panel, Yachting New Zealand, PO Box 331487, Takapuna, Auckland 0740 or fax (09) 360 2246 or email
  2. When no written decision on your appeal is received within 15 days of a request being made, in accordance with rule 65.2 an appeal shall be lodged not later than 21 days after the request is made unless the Appeals Panel at its discretion considers in the circumstances it is fair to extend this time limit.
  3. A fee of $105.00 shall be payable to Yachting New Zealand upon filing an appeal. Payment should be made by cheque (payable to Yachting New Zealand) or by credit card.
  4. The Protest Committee shall supply the information required by R3 of this appendix within 15 days of receiving a request to do so from Yachting New Zealand.
  5. Yachting New Zealand will act as appropriate under rule 71.2 if the Protest Committee fails to meet its obligations under R3

If you require further information on the appeals process, please contact Yachting New Zealand on (09) 361 1471 or email

Recent Appeal Decisions

Decisions are available as downloadable documents by clicking on the appropriate appeal:

Earlier appeal decisions are also available. Contact Yachting New Zealand.

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