IRC is a system of measurement which classifies a broad range of cruising and racing ballasted monohull keel boats for competition by providing ratings comprising single figure allowances based on time.

  • The IRC concept protects the existing IRC fleet
  • IRC encourages design innovation consistent with stability, rounded performance, seaworthiness and safety
  • IRC discourages unnecessary expense at all levels
  • IRC is a Rating Rule with each Boat’s TCC calculated from her measured and rated data
  • IRC is NOT a performance handicap system
  • IRC ratings are consistent in all sailing areas. A boat travelling to a regatta in another area or country does not need to re-rate
    As published, IRC uses Time-On-Time
  • IRC is primarily for Cruisers and Cruiser/Racers and includes allowances for cruising features
  • IRC is however an inclusive rule. Virtually all ballasted monohull keelboats, including ‘racers’, can be rated.
  • All types are welcome - we will calculate an appropriate rating for all types of boats.
  • All monohull keelboat types catered for - Pilot cutters to Volvo 70s & J Class.
  • Novel design features (water ballast, canting keels, multiple appendages) are accepted and rated

For a list of boats and their current New Zealand IRC ratings please click here (NZ IRC Rated Boats as at 24 May 2018). 

Click here to view rule changes to IRC for 2018/19 season

IRC in New Zealand

For racing in New Zealand, you have the choice of applying for an endorsed or an unendorsed IRC certificate.

  • Endorsed Certificates - Endorsed certificates require an approved IRC Measurer to weigh and measure your boat and complete the IRC application. Some regattas may require the use of endorsed certificates, this will be stated in the Notice of Race. See below for the list of current approved IRC measurers.
  • Unendorsed Certificates - Unendorsed certificates use owner supplied measurements. Many designs already have Standard Hull information on file, so very little measurements are required. Currently there are just under 2000 designs listed on the RORC website.  Note that in most cases, the use of standard hull data will not favour the boat (ie. light weight etc). A more accurate rating will always be obtained by official weighing and measurement (overhangs) of your boat as well as the rig and sails. We do not use standard rig or sail data except for strict IRC One-Designs (see the One-Design application form on our website or in the IRC Yearbook) so this must always be supplied.
  • All New Zealand applications must be made electronically to Yachting New Zealand and all ratings are independently assessed by the RORC Rating office in England.
  • The New Zealand Rating year will be 1 June – 31 May.
  • Fees are based on the yacht’s length and are calculated on a weekly exchange rate.
  • Trial certificates allow an owner to cheaply explore the effect on rating of a proposed modification to his boat before committing to the cost of the modification itself.
  • ‘Design’ trial certificates allow a designer to establish the rating of a new boat based on design data before it is built.
  • To protect the rule, there is an established and published policy limiting the number of trial certificates that a boat may run.
  • IRC Yearbook: Published annually and distributed with revalidation forms at the beginning of June. The 2018 IRC Yearbook is available for viewing or download from the RORC website and it is also produced in hard copy each year.

Obtaining a New Zealand IRC Certificate

IRC Certificates are available through the Yachting New Zealand office. The expiry date of all New Zealand IRC certificates is 31 May annually. Please read the IRC rules in conjunction with your application for an IRC rating. Check the RORC website for rule changes.

Applying for an IRC Certificate

Click here to download the application for a new IRC Certificate. An IRC certificate for a boat that has not previously held one costs £13.20 per metre LH for yachts up to 11.99m, £13.90 for yachts 12.00-17.99m and £19.00 for yachts over 18m.  Important note: For endorsed certificates this application must be completed and lodged by an approved IRC Measurer. Current approved measurers are listed below.

  • This excel file application MUST be downloaded, you then "save as" using the instructions for naming the file that appear at the top of the form.
  • It MUST be completed electronically and returned to Kelly Mulcahy by email.
  • Hard copy applications received by fax or by post will NOT be accepted.

Expedited Processing Fee

IRC applications and revalidations can take up to 15 working days for processing. Applications (New application, revalidation, amendment, trial, re-registration) requiring guaranteed 5 working day turnaround (from receipt by the local Rule Authority) may incur an Expedited Processing Fee (EPF). The EPF does NOT guarantee turnaround shorter than 5 working days!

Approved Measurers

Measurer Region Telephone Email
Full Measurers
Auckland  Martin Hannon 021 360 230 Email Martin
Auckland  Jonathan Gravit 0274 754 169 Email Jonathan
Auckland Guy Hewson 021 0249 9226 Email Guy
Marlborough  Clive Ballett 021 201 9883 Email Clive
Wellington/Central  Edmund Tam 0272 010 892 Email Edmund
Wellington/Central  Ken Burt 021 681 020 Email Ken
Christchurch   John de Boer 021 402 027 Email John
Sail Only Measurers
Auckland Graeme Robbins 021 556 556 Email Graeme
Auckland Magnus Doole (09) 359 5999 Email Magnus
Auckland Chris Blunden (09) 820 9140 Email Chris
Auckland  Ross Dibley (09) 820 9140 Email Ross
Auckland Martyn Baker (09) 836 5760            Email Martyn
Kerikeri Craig Gurnell (09) 407 8153 Email Craig

If you are interested in becoming at IRC accredited measurer, please email Kelly for further information.

IRC Revalidations

If your boat had an IRC certificate in either 2016-17 or 2017-18 you can re-new this for the new season by submitting a Revalidation Form. Revalidations cost £11.60 per metre LH for yachts up to 11.99m, £12.20 for yachts 12.00-17.99m and £16.45 for yachts over 18m. Note: when applying for an Amendment at the same time as a Revalidation, only the Re-validation fee applies and you will need to complete the Revalidation Data Changes Form.

Amendments to IRC Certificates

Current IRC certificates can be amended at any time (to reflect changed data, equipment etc). For endorsed certificates an IRC Measurer will need to submit an Amendment Application to Yachting New Zealand on your behalf. (This form for an amendment, APPLIES ONLY to boats that already hold a current 2018/2019 IRC certificate.). The fee to amend a current IRC certificate is £5.30 per metre LH for yachts up to 11.99m, £5.50 for yachts 12.00-17.99m and £7.25 for yachts over 18m. Note: when applying for an Amendment at the same time as a Revalidation, only the Revalidation fee applies and you will need to complete the Revalidation Data Changes Form.

Trial Certificates

Click here to download a Trial Application. This form for a trial certificate APPLIES ONLY to boats that already hold a current 2018/2019 IRC certificate. The fee for a trial certificate is £6.30 per metre LH for yachts up to 11.99m, £6.70 for yachts 12.00-17.99m and £8.85 for yachts over 18m.  Trial certificate limits per year: 6 max. Only 3 of these may involve hull, ballast or appendages.

Change of Ownership

If you purchase a boat with a current IRC certificate you will need to complete a Re-Registration Form to alter the IRC certificate so it is in your name. The 2018/19 fee for IRC Re-Registration is £1.85 per metre LH for yachts up to 11.99m, £2.30 for yachts 12.00-17.99m and £2.50 for yachts over 18m. You should also complete a Change of Ownership to ensure the YNZ National Yacht Register is up-to-date (click here for the link).


Use the simplified One-Design form if your boat is an IRC approved one-design and complies with it’s Class Rules. The approved designs are listed on the form. One Design certificates cost £13.20 per metre LH for yachts up to 11.99m, £13.90 for yachts 12.00-17.99m and £19.00 for yachts over 18m.

Short-Handed Certificate

Click here to download an application form for a NEW Short-Handed certificate. The fee for a short-handed certificate is £6.60 per metre LH for yachts up to 11.99m, £6.90 for yachts 12.00-17.99m and £9.50 for yachts over 18m.

Click here to download a Revalidation Form for a Short-Handed certifcate. The fee for a short-handed revalidation is £5.75 per metre LH for yachts up to 11.99m, £6.10 for yachts 12.00-17.99m and £8.20 for yachts over 18m.

The boat must already hold a current 2018/2019 IRC certificate to apply for a short-handed certificate or a short-handed revalidation.

Copies of IRC Certificates

You can purchase a copy of a boats IRC certificate. RORC in England (Royal Ocean Racing Club) have set a policy regarding the number and cost of copy certificates set out below. If you want to purchase a copy certificate then email the Kelly Mulcahy directly by clicking here.

IRC copy certificates £13.80 each

  • No further copies will be permitted.
  • No more than 5 copies of any single design class will be allowed.
  • The RORC Rating Office reserves the right to alter this policy at any time at its entire discretion.
  • Payment must be made by Visa or Mastercard at the time of request.