Handicapping Software


Sailwave is a popular easy-to-use multi-lingual sailing scoring program for Windows. It is used internationally at all levels of the sport; from club racing to regional and world championships. It is free to download through the SailWave website.


Yacht Systems

A windows based race management system that is being used by top keelboat and dinghy Clubs throughout New Zealand. 

  • Password protected with three different levels of security.
  • Create up to 99 classes or divisions, any number of series and up to 10 fully independent Time Correction Factor (tcf) options per data folder.
  • Each series can include the ISAF series tie-breaking option, graduated discards, medal race etc.  Include finish or elapsed times, or any of the tcf options.
  • Run a single class regatta dinghy regatta to include up to ten sub-categories (age groups etc) of your choice.
  • Low Point and Bonus Point scoring systems built in.  Includes high-point series scoring; change them or add more.
  • Finish Yachts in a race using a finish or elapsed time (keelers, trailer yachts etc) or a finish place (dinghy fleets).  Finish from a committee boat or start/finish box using the computer’s clock.
  • Each race can display up to three tcf options.  Tag as many series as needed to each race.
  • Produce a report for your local paper and email it through.
  • Graph yacht performances and handicaps in each race.
  • Update club handicaps either automatically from the race finish window (just click a button and it’s done) or do it manually.
  • Five handicapping methods currently built in.  Choose your ‘base’ yacht’s position within the fleet or each class/division, or choose to use a ‘virtual yacht’.
  • PHRF, IRC and ORC Club fully supported.
  • Mark Foy start time generation.  Pick up these start times automatically when finishing the Mark Foy race. 
  • All on-screen reports easily converted to numerous formats including MS Word, Excel etc.  Or attach your report to an email.
  • Extensive help file assistance and sub-directory management.
  • The current ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing fully incorporated and updated as changes come to hand

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