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Jack Honey

Date of Birth:
NZL Sailing Foundation Youth team
Competition Class(es):
Nacra 15 crew
Jack Honey

Top three sailing accomplishments:

  • 2018 29er Open World Championships - 3rd mixed team
  • 2019 Oceanbridge NZL Sailing Regatta, Nacra 15 - 1st
  • 2018 Sail Sydney, Nacra 15 - 3rd

Q & A with Jack Honey

How did you get into sailing?
My family was into a lot of boating and I wanted to get my own so my dad talked to a local club and got me involved at a very young age.

What is your favourite thing to eat after a long day on the water?
Warm pasta

Where is your favourite place to sail?
Home in the Bay of Islands

What is your favourite thing to do when you’re not sailing?
Foil surfing or fishing

Who are your role models?
Micah Wilkinson, Liv Mackay, Blair Tuke and Sir Peter Blake.

What is the best thing about sailing your youth class boat?
It being such a challenge and knowing there is always heaps to work on to be able to improve.

What do you hope to achieve in sailing in the upcoming year?
I obviously want to win the 2019 Youth Worlds in Poland.
I would love the opporttunity to be able to sail the Nacra 17 with someone at the World in Akarana.

How will you prepare for the Youth Sailing World Championships and which regattas will you be attending in the lead-up?
I will be attending the 2019 Nacra 15 Nationals in Takapuna. We will also be working on more specific things over the next few months leading up to the Youth Worlds.

What do you hope to achieve in your sailing career?
I would love to one day get myself to the Olympic Games.
The Americas Cup I think would be a big one for me. Just to be a part of the team would be cool and if I could work my way up to skippering it one day that would be sick.

What was the proudest moment of your sailing to date, and tell us how you felt?
Winning the 2019 NZL Oceanbridge Sailing Regatta. After having our boat get destroyed and us being pretty shaken, for someone to offer us a boat that we had never sailed before and win the last two races was pretty spectacular.

Teammate: Helena Sanderson

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