Discount on online maritime VHF radio operator courses


Any person operating a maritime VHF radio must hold, as a minimum requirement, a Maritime VHF radio operator certificate (unless transmitting in an emergency or a distress situation).

Coastguard Boating Education are generously providing a 15 percent discount on online maritime VHF radio operator certificate courses for club volunteers who belong to a Yachting New Zealand affiliated club.

Knowing how to use a maritime VHF radio correctly and with confidence is vital in the event of an emergency. This course covers the protocols that must be followed when communicating over the maritime radio network.

The maritime VHF radio operator certificate course covers the general features and functions of a maritime VHF radio, correct distress and urgency procedures for ‘mayday’ and ‘pan pan’ calls, pro-words and phonetic alphabet, trip reports, weather services, callsigns, EPIRBS and other search and rescue equipment.

To sign up for a course, head to the Coastguard Boating Education website.

The course is normally $85, but with the discount will cost only $72.25. Contact Yachting New Zealand on (09) 361 4025 to find out how to get your discount.

This current offer is valid until April 15, 2018. 

08 Dec 2017
08 Dec 2017