Club Manual

This manual is provided to Clubs affiliated to Yachting New Zealand to provide them with ideas, inspiration and guidance in their role as stakeholders in the sport of Sailing.

Yachting New Zealand’s strategic purpose is to help New Zealanders access, enjoy and succeed on the water for life. We recognise a major part of this is ensuring clubs are capable and strong. We hope this manual will be a valuable tool to clubs in helping achieve you goals.

If there is information you feel is missing from this resource that others could benefit from, please get in touch with us and we can add to it and keep this a relevant, up to date, living document.  


Club Manual

1. What YNZ does

1.1 YNZ's Strategic Direction

1.2 YNZ Staff and their roles

1.3 YNZ Regional Support Officers

1.4 What YNZ Does

1.5 Information on the 'Per Club Member' Affiliation Levy System

1.6 Offers and discounts for clubs and members

1.7 Commodores Conference

2. YNZ Sailing Programmes

Direct to the public

2.1 Learn to Sail (Dinghy)

2.2 Learn to Sail (Keelboat)

Through Schools

2.3 SailSafe

2.4 Waterwise

2.5 Volvo Sailing... Have a Go!

2.6 NCEA (NZQA) Level 2


2.7 Learn to Sail Resources

2.8 Sailing Games Book

2.9 ISAF Recognized Training

2.10 Order YNZ publications and resources 

3. Inclusion

3.1 Information for clubs

3.2 Club Inclusion Kit

3.3 Blind Sailing and Sailability

3.4 Paralympic Sailing

4. Coaching

4.1 YNZ Coaching Pathway

4.2 Courses and Training

4.3 Coaching Resources

4.4 Search for a Coach

5. Resources for Clubs

5.1 YNZ Ethical Guidelines for Sailors, Coaches and Parents & Volunteers

5.2 Sport New Zealand Clubkit

5.3 Know your Regional Sports Trust

5.4. Sport New Zealand Organisational Development Tool

5.5 Match Racing draw template

5.6 Teams Racing draw template

5.7 Committees, Roles and Running Meetings

5.8 NZL Youth Sailing Booklet

5.9 YNZ Class Progression Guide 2013 - 2016

5.10 Conditions for running Charity Regattas

5.11 Information for clubs on the NZ Police Vetting Service

6. Club Risk Management

6.1 YNZ Club Risk Management Self Check

6.2 YNZ Club Risk Management Guide

6.3 YNZ Template Risk Management Plan

6.4 YNZ Hazard Analysis System

6.5 Risk Management Planning Process Example

6.6 YNZ Rescue Boat Safety System

          - YNZ Rescue Boat Safety System Required Elements

          - Rescue Boat Skipper Training Guidelines

          - Rescue Boat Skipper Trainer Requirements

          - Qualified Skippers Record (Template)

          - Vessel Equipment Requirements

          - Vessel and Equipment Check Sheet (Template)

          - Daily Operations Log (Template)

          - Maintenance Log (Template)

          - Guideline Standard Operating Procedures

          - Club Annual Audit Checklist

          - MOSS Exemption Application Form (Contact angus@yachtingnz.org.nz)

          - Maritime New Zealand accident or incident reporting form

6.7 Good Practice Idea: Vessel Survey Plan (Template)

6.8 YNZ Risk Log and Action Plan (A reporting requirement for PCBU's under the HSWA 2016)

6.9 Organisational Health and Safety Policy for larger clubs (Contact YNZ)

7. Funding

7.1 Trust Funding

7.2 Sponsorship

8. Advocacy

8.1 YNZ's Role

8.2 Clubs making submissions

8.3 Example submission form

8.4 Funding (ELA) 

8.5 Submissions made by YNZ

9. Communication and Media

9.1 YNZ Media Policy

9.2 Media Assistance Pack

9.3 Sign up for Briefings

9.4 Submit your news to YNZ to go in Briefings

10. Useful areas on the YNZ website

10.1 Briefings sign up

10.2 Online Events Calendar

10.3 Submit your event to the online calendar

10.4 Offers and discounts for clubs and members

11. Race Management and running events

11.1 Running National Events

11.2 Event Resources

11.3 What are Race Officers, Judges and Umpires and how to become one

11.4 Officials Training Courses

11.5 Official Resources

11.6 Search for a Race Official

11.7 Blank Protest Form

11.8 Race Signals

12. Handicaps and Ratings

12.1 Handicap and Rating Information

12.2 PHRF

12.3 Handicap tables

12.4 Minutes and Seconds conversion table

13. Good practice ideas for clubs

13.1 Good Ideas in brief - Ideas from various yacht clubs

13.2 Women on Water

13.3 Wellington Yachting Association Strategic Plan

13.4 French Bay Yacht Club

13.5 NZ International Optimist Dinghy Association Nationals Preparation Document

13.6 Richmond Yacht Club's Victoria Friday Night Special

13.7 Teams Racing

13.8 Whangarei Cruising Club's committee roles breakdown

13.0 Sailability Taranaki and Waitara Boating Club