Disability Active Recreation and Sport Strategy


Sport New Zealand are working with Lumin consultants to develop a national strategy for disability active recreation and sport.

They have engaged with people and organisations who have key roles and insights into the disability and/or active recreation and sport sectors and established and used a reference group with experience of disability, and disability active recreation and/or sport.

They have hosted workshops, conducted interviews and run focus groups. As a result, they have developed a draft strategy with priorities, objectives and actions.

You are invited to participate in a survey to share your experiences of disability active recreation and/or sport in New Zealand. They are also seeking feedback on the draft strategy. 

They want to hear from you whether you are:

  • a disabled person
  • a family member or support a disabled person
  • a volunteer involved in active recreation, sport or disability provision
  • work in disability, active recreation and/or sport.

The survey

There are three parts to the survey:

  • some information about you
  • information about active recreation and/or sport experiences
  • your feedback on the proposed disability active recreation and sport strategy.

You are welcome to answer some or all of the questions and your responses are anonymous. Any identifying features will be removed. The survey will take between 5–20 minutes to finish, depending on which questions you answer.

You can complete the survey for yourself, or on behalf of or with another person if they need assistance.

The survey will be available until September 14, 2018. Once the survey has finished, the information will be analysed and the disability active recreation and sport strategy will be finalised. 

For more information, please contact robyn@lumin.co.nz or start the survey by clicking here

28 Aug 2018
30 Aug 2018