Special offer on defibrillators for clubs


Has your club thought about how you could access a defibrillator in an emergency?

Winter is a good time to start thinking about having one for the coming season and Yachting New Zealand member Oceania Medical (the Defib Store) have a special offer on defibrillators just for Yachting New Zealand clubs.

The model available is the IPAD defib, which was recently chosen by the British Heart Foundation as their unit of choice. It differs to other models as it has a child/adult switch which means it can be used on a child without the need for purchasing separate paediatric pads.

The units can also be supplied with secure cabinets, which are custom designed for the harsh New Zealand coastal environment from 316 Stainless Steel. They are weather proof and vandal proof and have an access code which can be lodged with 111 so that if a member of the club or public requires the defib they can call 111 for the access code.

The Defib Store recently put more than 30 of these packages across Waiheke Island and have extended the greatly reduced prices to Yachting New Zealand customers.

They're offering the IPAD defib for $2350 (+GST) and a standard club pack, which includes the defibrillator, a carry case, dual adult/child electrode pads, a battery pack, an emergency response kit and a public access cabinet for $3300 (+GST) - it normally goes for $4000 (+GST). Clubs have been successful accessing trust funding to cover the cost of these units.

To order, contact Katie at katie@oceaniamedical.co.nz and quote “YNZ Defib Offer”.

13 May 2018
14 May 2018